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Three Tips for Success in the Trucking Industry

Experienced truck drivers know that planning and preparation are essential to success. Here are three simple tips to help you succeed in the trucking industry as a carrier or owner operator.

1. Relationships are Everything

Northwest Transportation Services, Inc. has been a leader in the third party logistics industry for 20+ years. We owe our success to the transparency and integrity we practice at every level of our business dealings. As a result, we’ve built lasting relationships with the clients, suppliers, carriers and 300+ independent owner operators that have partnered with us. As a truck driver, the way you handle your interpersonal relationships with brokers, dispatchers, suppliers, etc. will set the tone for your success. Trucking can feel like a “lone wolf” career. While it’s true that the job description involves more private seclusion than the typical office job, that makes every business relationship you enter into even more important.

2. Be Your Own Advocate

If you’re an owner operator, you’re only going to be as busy as you decide to be. It takes self-motivation, dedication, grit and business savvy to be profitable in the trucking industry. If you’re reading this, chances are you already have what it takes. Our job as your third party logistics service is to connect you with the jobs that fit your strengths and goals. You can count on us to be your advocate when it comes to finding the right lanes and best rates. We’re only a call away should you need extra information, advice or support.

As with any career, however, your success and happiness depends upon the expectations you set for yourself, your ability and dedication in achieving those goals, and the quality of the relationships you establish and maintain along the way.

3. Pick Your Wingman (or Wingwoman) Wisely

Think of your third party logistics service as your wingman or wingwoman. A wingman’s job is to strategically place you in the “right seat at the bar,” know just what to say to make you look good, boost your confidence, and then to recognize when it’s time to step back and let you hit the home run.

We know that’s a fancy analogy, but at the end of the day it really comes down to this: if you’ve found a 3PL and broker team that is TIA certified, prioritizes your satisfaction, deals with you honestly and provides you with consistent service, then you’ve found your 3PL wingman.

If you’re still looking for your 3PL wingman or would like to take a look at our carrier/broker packet, give NWTS a call at 800-447-6287.

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